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curator and scout works closely with its clients to translate their vision into  a carefully designed itinerary and a uniquely authentic trip. curator and scout's services range from simple  route planning or hotel recommendations to comprehensively  curated bespoke trips.

Itinerary Design

This service is ideal for the hands-on  travel enthusiast.  You are an explorer who enjoys the process of planning a vacation as much as going on one.  You are keen to get an expert's perspective and insight without giving-up control of the process.  This service allows you to work with curator and scout on designing one or more aspects of your trip.

Bespoke Travel Planning

This service is for the hands-off traveler.  You are either too busy to plan every aspect of your special trip or you simply would rather leave it to the experts. As you pack your bags and bring your passport you are assured that every aspect of your trip has been carefully planned to ensure a unique memorable experience. 

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