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What are your consulting fees?

We charge a trip planning  fee  that starts at  $500.  The  fee charged will depend on the length and complexity of the trip as well as the number of people in the party.  Based on our initial complimentary conversation, we will be able to assess the complexity level of your request and share with you our required fee. The fee will be guaranteed and capped. 

Why do you charge a trip planning fee?

Our trip planning fees reflect the time we spend, the knowledge we offer, the access to a large network of vetted partners and the personalized attention we provide to curate a customized product for each client. Our recommendations are based on transparency, strong conviction and an   objective assessment of quality and luxury. 

Why should I use curator and scout instead of a traditional travel agent?

We provide the same services as a traditional travel agent and much more.  We have first hand knowledge and expertise to allow us to curate customized trips for our clients.  We travelled around the world, stayed in the hotels, toured the sights and hiked the trails.  We find that discerning travelers seeking authentic experiences value the insider's perspective, access and personalized service that curator and scout offers.

What is Virtuoso?

Virtuoso is a 'by invitation' only worldwide network of curated and vetted partners that provide travel advisors access to best of the best hotels, tours, unique experiences as well as exclusive privileges and amenities.

What regions does curator and  scout focus on?

We traveled around the world, developed an extensive database and cultivated relationships globally.  In turn, we have the expertise to curate bespoke itineraries in most parts of the world.  Having said that, our particular competitive edge lies in the Middle East and North Africa. This is a region in which we have spent a significant amount of time over the past two decades.  We know the countries inside out , we speak the language and can navigate the cities like a local.  

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