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The first step of the travel curating process is to have a conversation.  Our chat will help us get to know you, your requirements, your style, your preferences, your  definition of luxury and your view on activity levels. As we begin the first step of designing the broad parameters of your trip, you will help us get to know you even better by completing a detailed survey.  This allows us to ensure that we only curate hotels, guides, activities and  restaurants that best fit your vision of an ideal vacation. 


After we complete the framework for the trip (dates, route and hotels), we move on to the fun part of planning how to fill your days with exciting activities.  

Once the second draft of the itinerary is approved, we will manage the logistics associated with booking all aspects of your trip.

As your trip date approaches, you will receive a custom designed packet including your detailed itinerary, confirmation numbers and important contact information. All you have to do at this point is pack your bags and get ready to embark on your adventure.

We love to hear from our clients.  Upon your return, we will reach out to you to get feedback on your trip.

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